Oncology Skincare Services

30-Minutes... $30

60-Minutes $60

60-Minute Caregiver Gift $60

Prices are for patients currently in treatment, or within 6 months of their last treatment.

Having a cancer, and the various treatments for cancer can cause many skin problems. Hypersensitivity, dehydration, irritation and bruising , just to name a few. Come enjoy a gentle hydrating facial in a one on one spa with no fragrances and no waiting room full of people. The Bellingham Towers has ADA parking, an automatic door entrance and an elevator.

Lori is certified in Oncology Skin Care and only uses products that have been approved Oncology Safe, meaning safe for the most sensitive skin. Allow extra time on your visits; the intake process is lengthy so we can best serve you safely. We will discuss your blood counts when you schedule, and please do not come on a chemo or radiation treatment day.