Skin Care Treatments

Express Facial... $45

A tune-up for the skin. Approx 30 Minutes


A Custom Facial... $75

Customized for your skin care needs. Approx 60 Minutes


Deep Relaxation Facial... $100

A custom facial plus extra pampering! Approx 90 Minutes


The Perfect Combo... 60 Minute-$75    90 Minute-$100

A back massage followed by a customized facial. Pure bliss!


Oxygen Treatment Facial... $125

The perfect treatment for a special event! Oxygen pushes hydrating serums containing collagen, hyaluronic acid, fruit stem cells and vitamins into the skin for an instant glow. Plumps out fine lines, stimulates cell growth for a long lasting effect. Approx 90 Minutes 


Microdermabrasion... $75

A mechanical polishing of the skin. Using diamond tips and gentle suction to clean away dead skin while increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. Can be used more or less gently and targets problem areas. Can be used as maintenance but 6-10 treatments for best results. Approx 60 Minutes


Rejuvenating Peel $75

Customized for your skin concerns - Approx 60 Minutes

         -Lactic Peel (AHA derived from milk) for hyperpigmentation and age spots.

          -Glycolic Peel (AHA derived from sugar cane) for a smoother surface and reduction of fine lines.

        -Salicylic Peel (BHA derived from aspirin) works deeper to control acne and sebum production.


Product Consultation... No charge with any facial service.

Bring in your products from home to address any concerns you have and review the ingredients. Approx 30 Minutes, please specify when scheduling your facial.